She Needed a Hero, So She Put on a Cape


She Needed a Hero, So She Put on a Cape

Two years ago, stressed out and lost, I went looking for content that related to me and my life as a Women and a Mum in small business and I couldn’t find any.

I didn’t fit any of the labels we seem to put on ourselves. I didn’t consider myself a ‘Mumpreneur’. I wasn’t a ‘Mummy Maker’ and I’m not completely sure what a ‘Heart-Centred Entrepreneur’ is, so I didn’t fit there either.

What I did know was that I loved the business world. I was equally serious about running our businesses, raising our family and finding a way to blend them together. And I knew I wasn’t the only one out there.

Flash forward to now, and this week I’ve seen a few things that have me feeling more than a little frustrated. I found myself in the middle of a couple of conversations all with one common thread, the number of male faces fronting current business events.

Now, it’s a fact that Women in business are vastly underrepresented. We still have a long road ahead to equality, but I have to ask, do we spend too much of our energy focused on the wrong thing?

Do we spend too much time talking about the problem, rather than taking action?

Here is where my frustration kicked in. I believe that raising awareness is important, and we do that by talking about it. But with all that talking this week, not one Woman stood up and said: “How can I be a part of this?” Not one voice said, “What do I need to do to be involved?”

Two years ago when I went looking for a voice and I didn’t find one, I spoke up. I started writing and I haven’t stopped. I became the voice I was seeking.

So here is my challenge to all the Women in business who feel underrepresented. All the Women who feel they have a message but aren’t being heard. All the Women who want their children to grow up with equal billing.

We live in a time when broadcasting has never been more accessible. We have technology in our pockets that with the push of a button, can deliver us and our message, straight into the lives of anyone in the world.

So start a real conversation. Write a blog. Promote it. Go LIVE. Seek opportunities to continue spreading that message.

Put your hand up for everything, even if you’re not ready. Work it out later.

Be the voice.

This week, I also watched my tiny 5-year-old daughter, stand in front of her entire school and deliver a speech in the stage 1 public speaking final. I knew my voice was important before, but in that moment I realised I owe it to her. I owe it to her voice, to not only keep the conversation going but call it to action.

Raising awareness brings the issue into focus, but action is what creates real change. And in an age when it has never been easier to be heard, we are the change makers.

Now is the time to speak up.

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