More Than Half of Australia Does This One Thing Every Week


More Than Half of Australia Does This One Thing Every Week

It is no secret that I am a lover of podcasts. The very first podcast I listened to was an Australian podcast called Mysterious Universe back in 2006.

There was something about the immediacy of communication, the style and the ability to listen when, where and how I wanted to, that got me. I was hooked by the medium and, as an aside, I continue to listen to the Mysterious Universe show every week.

I created my first podcast six years ago, and currently, I’m in pre-production for my third show. I’ve produced dozens of podcasts for business owners, and, I speak, write and assist others in getting their podcast off the ground.

Some might say I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to podcasting. My ‘bent’ over all these years has been helping business owners to see the value in adding a podcast to their overall marketing/communications strategy. I’ve seen first-hand what it did for my business, and I know the power it can bring for others.

The biggest questions I hear around podcasting are around the ‘real’ reach and viability of podcasts. How well is podcasting known as a medium? Do people really listen to podcasts? And lots of discussion around monetising a podcast.

Last Friday I spent the day at OzPod, the Australian podcast conference, with fellow Aussie podcasters hearing all about the state of podcasting in Australia.

We got the hard data around who is listening when and where and discussed where we see podcasting moving towards over the coming years. As podcasting is a topic, I’m often asked to comment on I thought I would share some of my findings and insights I took from the conference. All statistics I discuss were supplied by the ABC national podcasting survey.

The first statistic levelled for the day was around podcast awareness.

Australia is continuing to see healthy growth in this area with the current awareness number sitting at 89%. Over half of Australians admitted to having listened to a podcast, with the highest number in the 25-34 age range at 76% and lowest in the 50-74 age group at 40%.

The Australian skew of podcast listeners.

This remains pretty even at 58% female and 41% male. Nationally, New South Wales is the most engaged podcast state at 34%, with Queensland (where I’m based) coming in at 16%. Overall, there remains a significant opportunity for growth in listenership, interestingly though the data showed a 56% increase year on year with the number of people claiming podcasts are now part of their regular listening habits.

Regarding audience engagement, podcast listeners continue to remain highly engaged with their content.

The average listening time of a podcast in the last 12 months sits at around 48 minutes with 44% of people interviewed now claiming to listen to around five hours of podcasts per week; this is up 7% on last year. And, in speaking with my own sample audience, these numbers all feel like an accurate representation.

When and where we consume podcasts.

Late afternoon and evening on a weekday remain our favourite time to consume podcasts, and our favourite location to listen is at home. The biggest growth area in listening over the last 12 months has been in a car, this, I believe can be put down to the number of new vehicles rolling out with Bluetooth or direct podcast listening capabilities. Watch this trend as it’s my belief the car will overtake our home as our favourite place to consume content in the not too distant future.

If your business deals with younger clientele 14 – 34 years old.

Then you really should be paying attention to podcasting with a 67% growth year on year regarding the number of podcasts they listen to each week. This age range also enjoys seeking out new content, with 31% listening to a new podcast within the last week.

The final statistic I’m going to leave you with is the reason that people choose to consume podcasts.

73% of all survey respondents said the reason they listen to podcasts is, “To pick content that I’m interested in.”

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again now, and no doubt you’ll hear me repeat it again and again. If you’re in business and you are looking for ways to build a tribe, leverage your brand, raise your profile or educate your market, you need to be considering podcasting as another tool in your arsenal.

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