Email Marketing: How Much Is Too Much?


Email Marketing: How Much Is Too Much?

As a Small Business owner, I make a conscious effort to learn new and improved ways to engage with my customers and potential customers. I try to think about what their problems are, how I can help resolve those problems, and how best they might want to hear from me about their needs. But as a consumer, I regularly try to avoid being sold to and being marketed ‘at’.

Often, if you buy something from a business one time and provide your email address, you’re immediately getting daily emails from them forever after. Honestly, how many people really want that?

Some suggest having multiple email accounts to divert mail to different, dedicated places. One for business, one for shopping etc. Others say just unsubscribe as soon as you start receiving the barrage of communications. It just makes me wonder, why don’t businesses genuinely care about the people they’re marketing to, enough to consider what they might want in terms of marketing and emails?

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If I think about the types of emails I get from businesses that I actually want to see, there are VERY few. Here are a couple I don’t mind –

  1. I always feel positive when I receive emails from these guys. They run a free shipping promotion on average once a month and I look forward to receiving it. I keep a list of the books I want to read in the ‘wishlist’ section of their website and when the promotion is on, I order them all.
  2. Australian Writers Centre (AWC). These emails are always well thought out and full of useful information that I enjoy learning about.
  3. Shopify Digest. This is a useful guide to help me maximize the content on my website platform and ensure the people browsing my site have a positive experience.

Other than those few emails, I can’t really think of anything else that I feel positive about receiving when it hits my inbox (specifically marketing emails). Ok, there are a few more, but not many.

Yours will likely be different but probably not too many more in number. Mostly I just hit the delete button and when the frequency becomes too much, I seek out the unsubscribe button and get rid of them permanently.

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I actually find it annoying that businesses are so desperate to get in my face they’ll constantly badger me thinking that their approach might work. I guess statistically, it can work but is that how you want to do business?

When you hear marketing ‘experts’ telling you how valuable your email list is, and certainly this is true, does that mean that once you’ve got that prized email address you then have the right to start spamming your contact with loads of self-serving sales promotions and other stuff they don’t care about?

I ask you, as a Small Business owner, to really think about what your customers want from you. To consider whether having a packed editorial calendar with daily emails going out and three Instagram posts a day, is truly what your customers want.

According to Squareup, the most ‘opened’ emails out there are birthday emails. Ones that wish your customer a happy birthday and include some sort of gift or discount. It makes sense really. These emails are highly targeted, and absolutely relevant to the customer. What does that say? People are generally interested in content that is meaningful to them, and actually has some sort of benefit.

So when you’re planning your next email communication, consider how useful you’re being, or whether you’re just adding to the sea of inbox clutter.

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