Are Flyers Really That Important to Small Business?


Are Flyers Really That Important to Small Business?

We were leaving our third and final meeting for the day when my husband looked at me and said, “I really wish we had those flyers we keep talking about getting done. It would have been nice to leave something on the table.”

And he was right. Although we were meeting with businesses who had previously expressed interest in our product, we were walking away without leaving them with a tangible piece of our business. We’d left nothing to provoke a thought or prompt a call. We were letting them get back to their busy lives with no reminder of us at all.

Over the next week I began to take more notice of the businesses we interacted with and their marketing techniques. Flyers seemed to be very low on the marketing priority level. In fact only two of the ten local businesses I asked for a flyer could produce one.

Now, we should have known better. We already know the power of flyers as a marketing tool, we’ve used it ourselves.

Five years ago we built a whole business from scratch using almost only flyers and flyer dropping. That business was profitable from day one and many of our original flyer recipients are still loyal customers.

So we know flyers are an important marketing tool for small business, but why?

1. Let’s Get Physical.

Unlike online advertising, flyers can be held in your hand. They can create a physical connection with your target audience. How many times have you seen something on Facebook that looked interesting, only to file it away in your brain for later and forgot about it?

Flyers are a tangible piece of your business being invited directly into the lives of your customers. To this day, we still have customers with our original flyer pinned up in their office serving as a constant visual reminder.

2. Hit Your Target.

One way we were able to grow our start-up so quickly, was with targeted advertising.

We were very clear on who our customer was. We understood their pains and frustrations, and we knew where they were located. Using this information, we could create a targeted campaign that we delivered straight into their letterboxes.

3. Easily Trackable.

It can sometimes be difficult to track the success or failure of advertising campaigns. Likewise, it can be difficult to determine how a new customer has found your business.

By keeping a record of where, when and which flyers were distributed, we could easily determine where we were hitting the mark or falling short.

4. Low Cost Investment.

With a little bit of research, you can find flyer printing to fit any industry and budget.

As a general rule, the heavier or more distinct the paper stock, the more likely it is to be held on to. So for long term visibility, a larger investment is needed.

5. Start a Conversation.

Think about your flyers as the start of a conversation. The door opener to building a relationship.

In my infographic 5 Crucial Elements to Remember When Crafting a Killer Flyer, I talk about the basics of building a flyer, but this can be an opportunity for you to find your voice and promote your business your way.

If you’ve been thinking about designing or printing some flyers stop putting it off! If you have a box of flyers getting dusty in your office, get them out! Flyers are a very important, very powerful marketing tool for small business. Go out, get visible and start a conversation!

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