Failing to Achieve Your Goals? Use This Simple 5 Step Success Formula


Failing to Achieve Your Goals? Use This Simple 5 Step Success Formula

Whatever it is that you have been putting off, this is the year to get it done. We all have a mental list of things we want to achieve but we just don’t seem to be able to find the time or find the motivation to get them done.

I am just the same as you, however in the past twelve months, I have become extremely productive by doing just 5 simple activities to help me not only plan my goals but actually achieve them. Below is what worked for me, I am confident that this will work for you too.

1. Write it down.

Get your goals out of your head and write them down so you can see them staring back at you. Make a list of twelve things that you want to achieve in the next twelve months. Just twelve. Your goals should be achievable, not unrealistic goals that won’t happen but genuine goals that can be done with some planning.

2. Prioritize them.

Shuffle your goals around on paper and number them from most important to least important. The order may change, and that’s okay too, but for now number them. I put the hardest goals first and made sure I had some smaller goals that I could easily do in a month. You need to achieve smaller goals to gain momentum to keep the bigger goals on track.

3. Date them.

Twelve goals over twelve months, now add a date to each so you can plan your year ahead. You may have several goals planned to be finished by June and that’s okay. You don’t need one goal per month, you just need to give yourself permission to work to a date. Write it up on a single piece of paper so you can see your plan.

4. Share your plan.

You need an accountability buddy, someone who will push you. They need to understand the importance of your goals to you and understand that unless they are hard on you, they will be letting you down. You need to talk about your goals with your buddy every day, that is the secret to staying on track.

5. One day at a time.

Allow yourself five minutes at the start of every day to check in with yourself and make sure your goals are still what you really want. If not, change them. It’s better to make a new goal that will inspire you to success than stick with a goal that no longer has any merit.

Working this way, I achieved more than I ever had and most importantly removed the road blocks that stopped me from achieving my goals in the past. The two goals that I am proudest of in the past twelve months are writing and publishing my book and going to the gym five days a week. For me it was about writing something every day to finish the book and just turning up to the gym. One day at a time.

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