Why Facebook Live Should Be Part of Your 2017 Social Media Plan


Why Facebook Live Should Be Part of Your 2017 Social Media Plan

Have you been brave and embraced Facebook Live yet? If you haven’t you should give it some serious consideration. Facebook claims that people spend three times the amount of time watching Facebook Live making it a great opportunity to reach a larger audience.  I have been getting acquainted with Facebook Live for the past few months with some great success.

Based on this experience I want to share my Do’s and Don’ts so you get Facebook Live ready.


1. Be Prepared

Facebook Live is a great medium to share news of a new product or service, a special promotion, a major announcement, sharing tips. I recently used Facebook Live to update my community on tips and learnings I was making a conference overseas.  In each case I have decided on the overall message I wanted to communicate and had written down a number of bullet points for things I wanted to mention during the Facebook Live.  Consider the format. Will it be a Q&A, TV show, on location style format? Know your purpose and the impact you want to create.

2. Share useful information

What information does your audience want to know? Tips, learnings, hacks are all valued by most communities. Make sure you are focusing in on these things in your Facebook Live. If you are unsure you need to invest some time better understanding your ideal client.

3. Time it well

Record your Facebook Live during peak periods on your Facebook page. If you are unsure of when this is please check your Facebook insights prior to work out the best day and time. It might be that you want to create a regular weekly Facebook Live during the busiest time on your page.

4. Promote it

You can gain considerable more reach and interactions if you promote your Facebook Live prior.  You might run a series of Facebook posts promoting your Facebook Live Q&A. I wouldn’t go too hard on the pre-promotions though, just one or two. 

5. Include a call to action

Consider what you want you viewers to do afterwards.  You might want to add a link with a call to action after the Facebook Live by editing the post.  I would recommend sending them to your website and setting up a link so you can measure the success of your call to action.


1. Stress out

It’s important to relax and be yourself. Facebook Live is an excellent way to build relationships with your customers.  They want to get to know you and what to value. Mums in particular, want to understand you before they transact with you. They would to be part of your journey so sharing a bit of your personality is important.

2. Neglect the technical stuff

It’s seems common sense but make sure you are in a location with strong internet connection. Nothing could be worse after all your preparation and psyching yourself up only to drop out midway. Embarrassing!

3. Forget to introduce yourself

Facebook Live provides a great opportunity to share your brand story and share why you are in business, what your business values and how you are going to make your customer’s life easier so don’t forget to tell us who you are, your position and your business.   

4. Go for too long, it can get boring

Common thought is that you should run your Facebook Live for at least ten minutes to ensure it gives the maximum opportunity for audience reach. I disagree, particularly if you are targeting mums. I respect that mums have a short attention span and I favour keeping them for under five minutes.  Your Facebook Live will always get more reach after the live component via the Facebook newsfeed so I still feel you will receive considerable reach gains without having to sit on the Facebook Live for excessive amounts of time.

5. Forget to measure

It’s still early days for Facebook Live so I recommend test and measuring everything to work out what works best for you and your community.

I challenge you to try a Facebook Live this week and I look forward to hearing how it goes.

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  • Kelly Myers

    Thanks Katrina! This is really useful for me as I’m just beginning to start building a FB live strategy.

  • Roland Hanekroot

    Great tips… I’m actually considering FB live… just not entirely sure what to do in it yet…

    • Katrina McCarter

      Thanks Roland. It’s a good idea to use Facebook Live for a particular strategy or to communicate a particular theme. I use Facebook Live whenever I’m travelling. My community like to hear about where I’m speaking and what about. I also share any learnings I’ve got from the event I’m attending. They love it. I recommend just having a go. You will learn as you go.

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