DIY Graphic Design, What’s It Actually Costing?


DIY Graphic Design, What’s It Actually Costing?

Not long ago I answered a call for help from another business owner in a Small Business Facebook group. Over the previous week, she’d spent an insane number of hours, trying to learn how to use a program that would allow her to create her own business image and graphic design.

As you can imagine she was fed up, it was far more complicated than she’d realised. Nothing was working how it was supposed to. And because she’d had such a big distraction, things within her business had gone unattended. She was now staring down the barrel of a new week with double the workload.

Creating a logo or a flyer, particularly when you already have an idea of what you want may sound easy. But as a graphic designer, SOS jobs similar to these make up over half of my workload. So, if you’re thinking about some ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) graphic design for your business, consider the following first:

1. Time equals money.

Probably the number one reason business owners attempt their own graphic design is to try and save money. But are they really?

My SOS client above had spent almost a full-time week fiddling around with a computer program and didn’t even begin designing anything. I asked her to think about the cost of that time versus the cost of my time producing the work she requested. She was stunned to learn that while her time would have been worth thousands, I could do the job for less than a quarter of that expense.

Not only that, the documents she required were being designed to make her money. The longer it took to get her business image and advertising out into the community, the longer it would take to start making back what she’d spent and generate a profit.

2. Knowledge and consistency.

Graphic Designers do more than just create pictures. A good designer will get to know you and what you’re all about, and create an on point business image and marketing strategy that will carry all the way through your business.

The look and feel of your brand is key to building and maintaining brand recognition. Designers ensure all the little things like font choice, colours and styles remain consistent giving you a sleek and professional overall look.

3. Professional outcome.

I had another phone call recently from a client whose cousin liked to draw. Cousin had convinced business owner to let her create a logo. It was a good logo, and she’d been using it semi successfully in her social media. But when she went to her local printer they told her the file was no good.

There are many different file types and depending on what you need for your business; everyone requires something different. By having your business image professionally created you’ll not only have access to all file types, but changes and updates can be made quickly and easily.

Your brand is one of the first things a client will see that gives them an idea of what you and your business are about. DIY graphic design may seem like a good place to cut expenses but think about what it’s actually costing you?

Instead, do your research, find a designer who fits in with the culture of your business and work together on building a winning brand.

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