How to Create 5 Pieces of Content From One Blog


How to Create 5 Pieces of Content From One Blog

So, you’ve written a great blog, you’ve put it on your website, maybe you’ve shared it with social media (please tell me you’ve shared it to your social media) and now you’re staring at the computer screen looking for inspiration for the next blog or next social media post.

But have you milked all the goodness from your existing blog? Rather than reinventing the wheel every single time I’m a big believer in recycling what you already have to make sure you cover as many bases as you can.

Let me share a little secret with you. Everything I create, I make sure I’ve wrung it dry before I move on to creating my next piece of content. And I’m going to share with you how you can do that for your own business.

Let’s start with a humble blog. If you have one you’ve written, find it, and have it open so you can refer back as we go through. That way you can create your five other pieces of content as we go.

Social media.

Ok, let’s start with the easiest. Take a browse through your blog and look for a quote that you could pull out and use as a social media update. I take those quotes, run them through Word Swag (a fab little ‘free’ app you want to make sure you have on your phone) and voila there’s your first additional piece of content.

With a little practise, you’ll find in a 500-word article, you will be able to pull at least one quote. You can use that on Twitter to promote the blog, then use Word Swag to find a cool photo, add another quote from the blog, and you have an Instagram post. Last but not least find a longer chunk of information and use it for a Facebook update. So, technically that’s three pieces of content, but let’s just count that as one.


Chances are you’ve put in a bit of research to create your blog. From statistics to technical terms or clinical information, these are all ideas that distil brilliantly into an infographic.

I use Canva (also a ‘free’ app) to create all my infographics. As for where you can use an infographic, well, LinkedIn audiences love them, I get great feedback when I use them on my Facebook page, and they are always a great quick reference for a website.

Video or Facebook Live.

No doubt video creates incredible engagement, so why not take the overarching concept of your blog and use it as the basis for a video?

If you’re worried about looking good or setting everything up, I recommend you start with Facebook Live. They are instant, no time to critique yourself and re-record 50 times.

And let’s face it, prolific beats perfection.


Just like the video, podcasts are a great way to reach your audience differently. Podcasts allow your clients to hear from you at a time and on a device, that works for them, creating a relationship and a stickier relationship.

You don’t have to create something over the top, just grab your phone, open your voice recorder and record yourself reading your blog. Take that .mp3 and load it to your site. Done.

If you find people relating really well to the content, then sure, spend a little money and get the files produced professionally.


Have a look at the content within your blog. Is it something you could build out a little to create a webinar or a workshop on? I bet it is.

Webinars are having a bit of a resurgence and are an excellent way for your clients to get to know a little more about what you do and how you do it without committing too much time, energy or money.

So there you go. Hopefully, you can see how with a little extra thought you can use your one humble blog to springboard you into creating a bunch of other useful content for your clients.

I didn’t even get to talk about binding blogs together to create an eBook, or running a workshop, creating an online course or slide decks …

Your job now (should you choose to accept it) is to go back through your blogs and create a bunch more content. I’d love to hear what you’re going to do to help you recycle some awesome content you’ve already created!

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