How a Collaborative Book Is a Perfect Triple Win


How a Collaborative Book Is a Perfect Triple Win

I’ve just had the privilege of being one of 100 authors published in The Better Business Book, Volume 2. The story behind this project is a great example of Triple Win thinking in action. In fact, I was so taken by the concept that I arranged an interview with the chap who put it all together to understand what he was thinking when he created this set of wins.

Let’s go back a moment. When I heard of this collaborative project, I signed up for a discovery call with the head honcho from Authors Unite. He called me on time to the minute, and from then on everything was exactly as he promised: on time, on spec, on message. This, for me, was an immediate win, and from there the other wins unfolded in the classic Triple Win way – wins for me, those around me and the world.

Here’s how I see the Triple Win:

1. Wins for me.

By writing one piece for the 100-person collaborative book, I am named as an author of that book. I am side by side with others with great ideas, and the book is produced with care and attention to detail. There was a small payment involved, but the publicity and affiliation opportunities covered both the money and time fast. An unexpected extra win was that I could place it side by side with my book, The Mentor Within, and it happened to be a colour match.

2. Wins for those around me.

By creating a collaboration with 100 writers, we have a new community, a tribe of people who are aiming to create the same thing: a useful book with great reach. Also, I could offer chosen colleagues the chance to be part of Volume 3. Score.

3. Wins for the world.

Readers get access to a book that has the wisdom of not one, but 100 people. Each chapter is short, so people can pick and choose what they want to read and read it in short bursts. That’s for the readers.

It really was such a simple concept: providing an opportunity in return for the contribution of a good piece and a small payment.

I wondered what inspired Tyler Wagner of Authors Unite to create the first book, and then the second. So, I set up an interview with him for this article. I wanted to ask him how he saw the Triple Win. Interestingly, he hadn’t framed it as a Triple Win until I introduced him to my passion for unpacking Triple Wins and how they simply work.

Here’s how Tyler sees the Triple Win:

I asked Tyler a few questions, and this is what he said.

Q1.    How does The Better Business Book create wins for the wannabe authors?

“I realised that a lot of people want to be an author and they have value and lessons they want to share with the world. Writing your own book is a daunting task, so I decided to take the fear out of it for them. All they must do is write one chapter, and they are part of the book. That’s a real win for them. And they become part of a tribe of people they can trust and continue to connect with. Another win for them.”

Q2.    This is also a very clever strategy for you and your business. Tell me about these wins.

“Yes, it provides great branding and an opportunity for business growth. The authors learn about the process of publishing, and many of them use Authors Unite to publish their own books. That’s a win for me and my company. Also, the authors can become affiliates and promote the next book, which is a great ‘inward-out’ growth of tribe. Perfect for us and for them.”

Q3.    What are the wins for the world?

“Well, my big dream is to continue creating 100 person books. We are already working on book three. Imagine how many business lessons we can get out into the world if we complete 100 books like this? That’s 10,000 great lessons. I love people, the bigger I can grow my tribe, the more impact I have on the world. Also, the 1% royalties that get divvied up later are often donated by authors to charity. It’s possible that the 100 person books could become as big as Chicken Soup for the Soul. One day I dream of having a home with a library of thousands of books, all of which I helped to publish and launch. Lots of wins in that for everyone.”

There is no doubt that collaborative projects like this one have the potential to create Triple Wins. I’d love to hear from you about the Triple Wins you create in your business.

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