What if the Change-makers Could Take a Break?


What if the Change-makers Could Take a Break?

What if the work of making this world a better place was shared? If the change-makers put their feet up for a day and the rest of the world took up metaphorical arms against everything unjust, violent, and damaging?

What if conflicts were solved through words rather than aggression and forgiveness was celebrated?

What if people listened to one another – really listened? Adults to children, children to adults, adults to adults and children to children. What if we didn’t speak down to one another but collaborated on every action?

I have worked with hundreds of change-makers who shoulder the burden of the world’s problems and put projects in place to solve them. These change-makers are not only activists and advocates, dreamers and do-gooders, but executives in large companies, thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, business owners and entrepreneurs. People who run businesses for good, businesses with purpose, ethical businesses. People who work themselves to the bone trying to undo the greed they see in the world, the sweat shops, the violence against women, the lack of diversity. People who work to change all that is wrong, but are often unappreciated and exhausted.

What if we didn’t need the change-makers?

What if every business worked to make the world a better place, every leader held the principles of justice and fairness close to their hearts? What if every action was a triple win – a win for the person, for the people around them and the world? Imagine if we were driven by the goal of creating wins for everyone?

What would the world be like?

Fast forward to the kind of society we would live in when we no longer need the change-makers: together we’ve found the right food to keep the world at optimum balance, the right sources of energy for sustainability; we’ve helped one another in local communities, and everyone who can help is available when a natural disaster strikes. People can access the money they need, we’ve found ways of collaborating for the greater good, even bartering skills and produce to meet the needs of all.

Those who require mentorship have found the wisdom in willing mentors, those who need to be held to account to get things done have found people to help them stick to their promises to themselves and each other. We listen to one another and cooperate.

What would our businesses look like?

Our small businesses have become collaborative businesses. We share goods and services, and focus on using just what we need. We source products responsibly, market respectfully, ensure that we charge appropriately and earn well enough for our needs. Gender imbalances are ironed out, diversity is celebrated. The original people of the land are honoured, and opportunities are available for those who have historically been disadvantaged. Businesses in rich countries routinely provide opportunities to those in poor countries, recognising that diverse skills and outlooks on life contribute to a rich tapestry of business thinking and action.

Partnerships and win-win-win are the order of the day.

Can you imagine this?

We can all start small. Think of three things you can do right now as a business owner, thought leader or entrepreneur. Here are seven ideas to get you started:

  1. Create partnerships and collaborations that benefit everyone.
  2. Make sure the people who work with and for you are well, happy and fulfilled.
  3. Check your policies and procedures for fairness and kindness.
  4. Share some of your resources with another person or group and save time and money for both of you.
  5. Watch what you say to whom.
  6. Spread positive, empowering messages.
  7. Celebrate people trusting their inner wisdom.

Imagine if the change-makers could put their feet up for the rest of time. It is possible. If you can imagine it, you can be part of making it happen.

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