When Your Business Has Reached Maturity – Part 2


When Your Business Has Reached Maturity – Part 2

In Part 1 of this article series, I wrote about facing the reality of owning a mature aged business and working through where to from here.  I was standing at a crossroad, wondering what next.

I can tell you very honestly that part 1 was written with as much sadness as it was contempt of that external environment that was pushing forward the change.  My business, being in business is something I truly love and letting go of the status quo has not been an easy thing.

So, what did happen next?  Well, hold onto your hat we’re going on a wild ride.

Despite countless years of business, training to tell me the contrary I still solidly believe that when the heart is open, the right things will come along.  Call it intuition if you like, frankly I don’t mind if you call it plain stupid, it works for me.

So with an open heart, I went into autopilot mode.  And here’s what I did there;

  1. Put together procedures to effectively run my office
  2. Started a new scheduling and task management system with my team
  3. Purchased and implemented a high-level CRM system to automate contact between my website and customers and tell me who was up to what stage
  4. Got on top of my accounts
  5. Reached out to people to create working partnerships
  6. Tidied my files, I mean really tidied my files
  7. Asked my team to form a thorough understanding of everything it takes to run the business, map it out and work out what was due when and to whom.

No surprises so far right, I was doing the things that I actually should have been doing all along (and we won’t say too loud that those are just the things I tell others to do).

But there were a few more surprising things that happened along the way;

  • a) I told everyone that would be affected by any change in my life that change was coming
  • b) Revisited my weekly routine making sure that there was time for exercise and wellbeing

And the scariest part

  • c) I applied for a job

The above-mentioned actions all happened over the space of four weeks.  Now, at week five I sit contemplating my mental shift to the job.  Yes, I was the successful candidate.

A job.  Oh, my, goodness.  This is something I never in my wildest dreams I thought I would contemplate.  If I was to be completely honest there is something in the recesses of my mind saying;

“Pfht, you dirty sell out, how dare you give up on your dreams”.

“Quite,” I tell the voice.  Because the reality is the job I’ve snared is actually what I’d dreamed for my business, only it is attached to a salary, a team, a history of its own doing and the real opportunity to create change.  In fact, if were to be really honest I’d have to say I’m pretty excited about the challenge.

Yes, it’s pretty difficult and counterintuitive to listen to the niggle that tells me it’s not going to work out because I’m not the ‘having a job’ kind.  But the niggle is going to have to be quiet for a little while.  I’d doing this.  I’m doing this with an additional bonus, I now get to play Director to my business and see if it sinks or swims without me in it every day.

Dare I tempt you for part 3 ‘managing from afar’?

Until next time.

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