The Business Asset More Valuable Than My Diamonds


The Business Asset More Valuable Than My Diamonds

I used to believe there was no greater asset in my business than diamonds or gold. That was before I decided to write and publish a book, ‘Rock Her World’.

Before you read any further I must tell you, my intention behind writing the book was not to become a millionaire from book sales. Rather it was to create an asset that would leverage all of my IP, so instead of delivering it one on one – I could do it one on many.  And in doing so, this is what writing and publishing my business book has done for me:

It increased my Credibility

The credibility that you get from writing a book is unmistakable. Australia’s No 1 bestselling author, Andrew Griffiths, refers to a published book as a “business card on steroids”. The “Thud Value” creates an immediate impression on your clients, and your competitors can’t easily compete or replicate that. We are the product of a unique set of experiences and have more value than we realise. The sad thing is that we are sitting on a mountain of value and not sharing it with would be clients.

I won an International Book Award

Writing a book enabled me to submit it for entry to book awards, one being the INDIE Book awards – an independent international book award for self publishing authors. After submitting my book into the 2016 awards, it won for Best in the “How To” category. I can honestly tell you, this was one of the highlights of my business career. The by-product of this is that has added further credibility to not only the book, but to me as well.

It helped my team

I know you may have heard it before, but there is real value in spending the time to create a leverageable asset. Create it once and it will pay you back many times over. What I didn’t realise at the time, was how beneficial the asset would be to my team in achieving sales targets. The credibility that the book has, is transferred to my diamond consultants when they hand the book to perspective clients.

Many times over, we have found that a client who has read the book, is less competitor focused, less price fixated and more often, makes a decision faster.

I am able to repurpose the content

Although the book was created to be a hard asset to be handed out to potential clients and sold through various author platforms, I found I could do so much more with it. I broke the book down by chapters. That way the value of the book could be even greater. Giving clients exactly the information that they needed at the time they wanted it.

My book was specifically written for guys looking to get engaged and buy a diamond engagement ring. While there was a great value in the book, I found that not every guy likes reading books – but they will listen to the audio version. So I decided to convert my book into an audio book in my own voice, which is listed on Audible and ITunes.

I can tell you that was a lot more challenging than I originally thought. I was in the recording studio for over 7 hours straight. I have also put copies of the audio book and digital book on a USB stick that we can hand out to clients.

All of this repurposing leads to achieving our Google Zero Moment of Truth – 7 touches and 11 hours of content.

It gave me something to Leverage

There is nothing like an electronic asset when it comes to leverage. The book chapters and audio versions are used as free resources on my website, nurturing email campaigns and emailed to clients.

So is it really worth it?

Absolutely yes! While the original manuscript only took a month to write, the whole project had a 6 month life from manuscript to final design. My only negative is that I didn’t start it earlier.

One word of caution though. Writing a book is incredibly addictive.

Once you start, you won’t want to stop.  I currently have at least three other books in the pipeline. The next one is intended for release in September next year – “How to plan a wedding that Rocks.”

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