Are You The Biggest Obstacle Holding Your Small Business Back?


Are You The Biggest Obstacle Holding Your Small Business Back?

One of the key aspects of being a Small Business owner is that we are our business. Sure we might have staff to take care of the day to day running while we work ‘on it’ and not ‘in it’, but at the end of the day, our Small Business needs us.

Surely it makes sense that in a community centred around Small Business and increasing productivity and growth, we should also look at increasing the same for the owners themselves. Smallville is a place for Small Business owners to think big, however what actually holds Small Business owners back from thinking big? You guessed it… Small Business owners!

You see, from the moment we were born we started to build a set of values and beliefs that have grown and adapted throughout our lives to shape the way we think and see the world today. Sometimes these are helpful, and sometimes…not so much.

The thing is, because our values and beliefs have been part of us for a very long time we don’t always know they’re not serving us or that there is another way, so we simply accept it as being so and press on regardless.

More often than not however, these unresourceful behaviours and ways of thinking will prevail, making us feel like we’re consistently swimming against the tide and unable to get to where we truly want to be.

I want you to think for a moment…what is there in your business right now that you really know you ‘should’ do in order to move it forward, but you just keep putting off? Perhaps it’s those follow up sales calls? Or getting your accounts in order? Or maybe it’s updating your website? Whatever it is that you’re not doing, there’s a reason for it. And I’m afraid I’m not accepting “no time” as a valid reason here.

Our brains love nothing more than to tell us we have no time, but usually they just have their priorities muddled which simply screws with our perception of said time. When I say priorities, I don’t mean those featured on your to-do list, I’m talking about something much deeper than that.

Let’s look at one of the above scenarios as an example to illustrate this: not following up on sales calls. Perhaps the reason they aren’t getting done is because a fear of failure is being prioritised above the task; What if they say no? What did I do wrong? Why don’t they like me? Making it all about you is a common trap Small Business owners can fall into, because you are so intimately connected to your business.

It can be hard to look at everything objectively, without judgement, but imagine if you did. Imagine if you looked at the sales calls as a simple process, without the personal emotional investment. Each interaction is a step forward, either by generating a new customer and revenue or by creating a learning experience. Do you think the calls would get bumped up the list of priorities if you looked at them through that lens? If you remembered that they are purely a rung in the ladder towards your ultimate goals and desires?

Of course this is just one example of how we can get in our own way of moving forward. However, by setting some solid foundations we can often kill many birds with one stone and knock off a few unresourceful patterns or behaviours in one go, as they can usually be traced back to a few core issues that just like to present in different ways.

Please note that moving forward with your business is not the only thing at risk here. Since everything is so closely connected when you’re a Small Business owner these patterns and behaviours will also present in your personal life and quite probably your health. Common physiological issues include: low energy, weight gain, erratic moods, digestive disorders and clouded thinking…to name a few.

My goal via Smallville is to enlighten you about these issues and introduce you to solutions that will help to prevent or manage them, so that you can indeed proceed towards domination of your world, both professionally and personally.

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  • Cate

    Thanks Laura – you’ve motivated me to keep moving forward. 🙂

  • Daniela Cavalletti

    Nice one, Laura! Love and believe in the concept of looking at things differently as you describe it … Not always easy, but like any habit, repetition will make if not perfect, then at least much happier! … Looking forward to seeing you and Uppy in full action mode!

  • Drew Browne

    This is a really nice article and I love the thinking behind the comment ‘When I say priorities, I don’t mean those featured on your to-do list, I’m talking about something much deeper than that.’
    I’ve always found the biggest risk to our business is ‘Us’ both from a psychological stance and the statistical reality of life and risk too.
    Worth a second read.

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