5 Key Stress Busters for Relationships, Work and Life


5 Key Stress Busters for Relationships, Work and Life

So, you have made the leap into your own business and you’re slightly terrified about how you will cope with the whole personal, family and business etc juggle… yep been there.

Let’s face it unless you are a bit of a masochist or love chaos your ideal would be to manage the inevitable ups and downs that come with being a business owner no matter how big or small right?

Many of the daily problems associated with being in business create stress. It doesn’t have to be big issues that get your ‘stressometer’ firing. In fact, low levels of stress over a long period of time can be just as detrimental as the body and immune system becomes more and more fatigued. Therefore, there are several positive outcomes for your business and yourself if you can get on top of it. Imagine being able to deal with current and future stress by having a few strategies in place.

The very first step is identifying your stress. The second is implementing these stress busting techniques.

You can reclaim your calm when things go a little sideways and stress rears it’s ugly head.

1. Perspective

Make sure that you are open to include, consider and evaluate others’ perspective. This accomplishes a number of things. It keeps you and everyone else in creative collaboration. Creativity is the life blood of problem solving and keeps you and your business agile and innovative. Others’ perspective will enable you to pick up on things that you might have missed whilst being superhuman. When you accept contribution from others you empower them AND it decreases stress because you are not the only one finding solutions to your problems. You have a vision and this should never be undermined however, encouraging trusted advisors or mentors to contribute their perspective may clear the way for you to blossom in unexpected and exciting ways.

And then of course there is comparing what is happening to you now with something really… I mean genuinely terrible in the world. There are some things happening to others that we might never ever be able to comprehend. Suddenly that late delivery or customer complaint looks a little less life threatening. You can overcome, if you maintain perspective.

2. Positive Meaning Making

You cannot feel stress (good or bad) unless you add whole lots of ‘meaning’ to the situation. Make sure the meaning you add is positive. This can take practice and it is a conscious decision in every moment. Positive meaning making, decreases stress as the message you send to your brain is one of determination and confidence rather than one of fear. Although humans have a general ‘negativity bias’, you can discipline yourself to find positives in any situation even if it’s just how to avoid the problem from ever repeating. Over time your resilience will improve and what were once seen as threats will simply become challenges.

3. Your Happy History

Your mind will naturally find problems. The downside is this can be exhausting and creates anxiety where none is necessary. To manage this anxious state, practice the opposite. Make time to reflect on happy memories, the successes in your life, the wins, love, happiness…you get the drift. Do it often and never underestimate the positive change this can create in your stress hormones. Your mind will calm as it is being fed positive feelings, images and ideas. You will go from looking for the sabre-toothed tiger to feeling secure and relaxed, confidant in your ability to cope.

4. Taking Responsibility and Having Fun

Taking responsibility for your actions, attitudes and health is enormously powerful, not only for yourself (self love and care goes a looooong way) but also for those around you. Strengthen yourself by respecting your limits. There is nothing more attractive than a person who respects themself.

And you remember fun, right? Eat well, sleep well, socialize and have fun. These things are the enemy of your stress as they alter your brain chemistry and allow you to move into your frontal lobe where you are more likely to have perspective, connect to others, communicate well, get creative, problem solve and succeed. Awesome!

5. Embrace YOU

You will notice that YOU keep showing up no matter where you are. Learn to enjoy spending time with yourself. The YOU who got you this far, the YOU who has a vision for your future, the YOU who you can always rely on. Embrace and care for this intelligent, powerful and courageous human being and stress will fade as you learn to trust your capabilities to succeed.

Your business is all about sustainability. If you take care of yourself you will serve your business over the long term, your customers over the long term and the vision for your business over the long term.

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