5 Big Opportunities to Include in Your 2018 Strategy if You Sell to Mums


5 Big Opportunities to Include in Your 2018 Strategy if You Sell to Mums

Are you keeping up with changing behaviour of mums? Just as technology is changing at a rapid rate so is the behaviour of Australian mums. Here are five opportunities you can harness in 2018 to grow your business if you market to mums

1. Facebook Live.

Mums have a very limited attention span. They will frequently use the few minutes they have here and there to check in on their Facebook account. Mums enjoy video content on Facebook as they love the feeling of having a ‘conversation’ with you rather than reading a post. The visual element really speaks to them making Facebook Live an excellent medium for building relationships, launching a new product or service, or sharing your brand story.

Facebook Live is getting three times the reach of standard posts allowing you to cut through the newsfeed clutter. Very few organisations are currently using this medium to communicate with mums and those who do are enjoying excellent results. I recently engaged a large parenting community on behalf of a client to do a Facebook Live on their product and the  reach exceeding all other mediums they used.  Be a trailblazer in 2018 and embrace Facebook Live to reap the rewards of deeper relationships and higher sales.

2. Facebook Groups.

Mums feel a sense of privacy within closed Facebook groups and will share more than on public Facebook pages.  Every day mums are speaking about brands within these groups and sharing tips and products and services to avoid, knowing that it is unlikely the brand will ever see it.  Here is where the real third party endorsement occurs. 

Facebook groups are growing in popularity with the Marketing to Mums survey reporting that almost two in three mums belong to Facebook groups just for mums.  These are not small communities either.  I am aware of highly engaged Australian mum communities in excess of 100,000 members.  Very few brands are currently engaging within Facebook groups, largely because they are not sure how to, so there is enormous opportunity to be one of the first brands to do so.

I recommend using a Marketing to Mums specialist to identify the best Facebook groups for your business and get them to negotiate advertising or an influencer campaign through the Facebook group.

3. Involve Mum.

Have you ever requested mums’ input in your business? Mums are increasingly wanting to be involved in the creation of your product and service offerings. They like to feel they have contributed to how it all works and that their feedback has been heard and acted upon.  Mums are more likely to reward businesses which ask for their input.  It will strengthen your relationship and they are more likely to speak favourably about your business to their friends and colleagues. 

Consider using an online survey, phone interviewing your top clients or running an event to get their feedback.  Additionally look to implement a system which asks mums for their feedback about their experience and offer suggestions for improvements. If you are considering taking a new product to market ask some of your core clients for their opinions. There are great gains for businesses who work with their ideal mum to develop products and services together.

4. Surprise and Delight.

Mums are increasingly wanting a higher level of customer service. They expect you to earn their attention and value their loyalty.  One way you can deliver a more superior service in 2018 is to personalise the experience. Mums reward businesses who value their loyalty. They are more likely to recommend your business if they are confident in your service delivery. Invest time in working out how you can surprise and delight your client. 

5. Be Real.

I am seeing a growing dissatisfaction from Australian mums about the way they are being depicted in advertising. This came through loud and clear in the Marketing to Mums survey conducted earlier this year.  They are increasingly penalising businesses who depict a mum living a perfect life.  They feel a great disconnect between advertising and their reality. 

Mums are beginning to actively reject brands that are not depicting them accurately. This is a big mistake to avoid in 2018 and beyond. Mums are incredibly skilled problem solvers courtesy of their children.  Businesses who choose to acknowledge the complexity of mum’s life will build more meaningful relationships and are more likely to grow their business.

Businesses who embrace Facebook Live, Facebook Groups, involve mums in the creation of products and services and in feedback, and business who are real, are poised to enjoy a wonderful 2018. Give some active consideration to how you engage mums and reap the benefits.

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