3 Ways to Find Calm in the Middle of Total Overwhelm


3 Ways to Find Calm in the Middle of Total Overwhelm

The last four weeks have been a blur… literally a blur… My life has revolved around spending 16-18 hours in my office each and every day. I found myself constantly asking people what day it was, not having any weekends to guide where I was in the cycle.

There have been deadlines and last minute add-ins that can’t be turned down, all requiring dedication and time, lots of time.  I must hand it to my amazing staff they have all taken it very well in their stride and my incredible PA has completely taken over my emails whilst I have been head down buried in a mass of paperwork.

I find when things tend to get tough and the stress starts to creep in, my anxiety levels manage to jump up and for me that translates into procrastination and a rather frazzled brain, in other words, my ‘cyclone’.  None of which are helpful in getting things finished.

This last ‘cyclone’ has lasted a good four weeks and about half-way through I realised I wasn’t sleeping at all and knew this had to stop.  I’m an 8 hour a night girl and trust me, I need my sleep – ask any of my staff to attest to that fact.

Step 1: Get some sleep

A very good friend of mine put me onto a meditation app, now I’ve tried them before but I wasn’t convinced, well I fell in love with this one.  I’m a convert and whilst I couldn’t manage the time to physically get to a yoga class this little app helped cure my insomnia and I could feel myself finding a little calm.

What a relief.  So it is only fair that I share this little gem with the world, download it, start their 12 steps now and remember how good it feels to experience calm sleep.

So now I have found that for those few moments that I was able to rest my head on a pillow, I was actually able to make use of its intended purpose and SLEEP peacefully thanks to my wonderful app.

Step 2: Clear the Desk

So I’ve been able to achieve sleep, however when I stepped back into the office I had a problem.  It sits prominently in the middle of my desk, just as any good computer should.

The computer itself isn’t the issue, it is all the mediums that are attached to it, the email, the messenger, Facebook, twitter, slack, Evernote, I could go on – so many different methods for my computer to ding, quack, ribbit, swoosh, and tweet me. All just unravelling the tranquillity achieved from Step 1.

Another of my very wise friends recommended a computer program that blocks out all of those elements so you can just type.

Whilst not being particularly friendly to report or letter formatting, it is incredibly helpful when you just need to get a chunk of writing typed and on the page.

Step 3: Clarity of Mind

So far, my brain has been able to be calmed in the evenings and I’ve been able to block out distracting communications with the rest of the world.  However with the door shut and my staff under strict instructions to only enter when my next infusion of caffeine is required, it was beginning to get rather lonely in that big office filled with piles of white paper.

Which is when I made my own little discovery – CALM.  With all the tempting communication apps closed down and just this website opened in full screen.  With just enough sound to hear the waves lapping gently on the sand at the bottom of my screen, I could finally lean back on my chair, kick the feet up on the desk, highlighter in hand and dive head first straight into the mass of white paper that needed to be read.

Hope you find your calm moments, add any of your helpful hints and tips in the comments.

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