3 Ways to Become an Intuitive Leader


3 Ways to Become an Intuitive Leader

Albert Einstein once said, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

You might call this your gut, a vibe or feeling. Ultimately, intuition is the natural intelligence or the ‘inner voice’ that allows you to see ahead of the curve. Which is an essential entrepreneurial skill that helps you navigate your way towards opportunities and away from potential threats lurking around the corner.

Yet despite its many benefits, intuition is often misunderstood and considered to be a ‘nice to have’ skill best kept for the next company wellness retreat. When in fact, it’s a skill we can all develop to nurture our entrepreneurial endeavours. And you don’t need to have loads of customers or tertiary skills to lean on this inherent skill.

Here are 3 ways you can be an intuitive business leader:

1. Learn to trust your gut. 

I have had two experiences that have taught me to listen to my intuition:

  • The first came when my partner and I went on our first road trip in Western Australia. It was the first time I’d driven in Australia, and I had zero experience on rural roads. I felt nervous as soon as I sat in the driver’s seat and drove out of the petrol station. Then 80kms into a 220km journey, the tires on the car locked, we skidded and rolled three times down an embankment landing 15 feet from a tree. Fortunately, we both survived to tell the tale.
  • The second time I ignored my intuition was just over three years ago when I decided to sell a laptop online. When the buyer showed up outside my apartment, I had a bad feeling. So much so that I took a picture of the car registration plate before stepping outside to greet them. Once again, my gut didn’t lie. I ended up being robbed at gunpoint.

So, let’s just say, when it comes to listening to my intuition, I’ve learnt the hard way not to ignore it.

And in business, it’s just as useful as a tool to guide your decisions. As intuition provides insights, you just can’t get from Google Analytics.

2. Believe in your vision.

Intuitive leaders focus on how their cause can help shape the world. And they work to speak that inner vision into existence.

So, if you’re motivated by something bigger than the bottom line – thanks for reading this far. Realising your vision is a moment of entrepreneurial enlightenment. An “aha” moment, as Oprah says.

But it isn’t easy to believe that “aha” could a-happen. That’s why intuition is so powerful. Because it spurs you to act on your vision. Which is when some of the greatest sparks of innovation and creativity tend to happen.

A great place to communicate your vision is on your website. It can help you build your:

  • Brand voice.
  • Brand story.
  • Mission and values statement.

Plus, by communicating your vision, you’re creating a future cause for your community to get behind. So rather than focusing on the profit margins, you’re focused on the intrinsic value your brand can provide. Which is also an invaluable sales and marketing tool.

Believing in your vision means that when you do act on it, you do so with confidence. So, when someone buys their first vegan wallet from an ethical retailer, it’s a big deal to the brand and their community. Because it’s not just another sale. It’s a positive shift in someone’s values.

So just remember – everything is possible. And your intuition can guide you towards bringing your vision to life.

Tip – Use your inner voice to guide your mission statement and don’t be dissuaded by people who don’t share your enthusiasm at the start.

3. Dream big. 

That inner voice is your highest and truest self. Don’t be afraid to write down your dreams and work out a plan to bring them into reality.

There’s a lot of truth in speaking things into existence. Dreams are simply things that haven’t happened in real life – yet. After all, Einstein dreamed a lot of his theories, and he did ok, right?

Tip – Write down what you:

  • Like about where your business is at.
  • Wish could happen in the future.
  • Wonder about the future of your business.

This level of introspection will help you tune into your dreams and define what kind of leader you ‘really’ want to be.

And remember … Don’t let the haters get you down.

Not everyone will appreciate your vision. And that’s ok. That inner voice is for you to understand, no one else. Because once you’re clear on that, you can communicate it effectively with your tribe. So, don’t let people dissuade you from what your gut is telling you. In the case of intuition, ignorance is definitely not bliss.

Tip – When it comes to what we feel; only your opinion matters.

All in all, by paying more attention to what your inner voice is telling you to do, you’ll run your business with heart and conviction. You’ll see your dreams become a reality and you’ll make your mark on this world.

Now over to you, how has your intuition helped shape you as a leader?

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  • Vatsala Shukla

    Thank you for your article, Kelly. I learned a long time back that the best decisions I’ve made for my business were and continue to be the ones where I’ve listened to my intuition and not followed what the gurus and experts have said to the minutest detail because I know my business and the nature of my market and my intuition tells me what I need to provide to be of service.

    • Kelly Myers

      Vatsala you are so very right. Your intuition should be what guides any external choices we make. I see the benefit in aligning with experts to help and support the visions we all have for our businesses, but they can’t create a vision for us. Our “why” has to come from within, Wishing you all the best with your coaching ventures!

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