Rest and Recharge: 5 Ways to Get Ready for a Successful 2017


Rest and Recharge: 5 Ways to Get Ready for a Successful 2017

It seems the silly season arrives earlier every year.  If you have kids like I do, you probably know this time of year all too well. Having spent all year being taxed by assignments and other extracurricular activities, tell they are getting worn out. Patience is shortened; they can feel a little flat and are ready for a break to recharge. It seems like they are just hanging out for the Christmas break. When it comes down to it, I don’t think adults are any different.

Given that most of us don’t have a two-month holiday at the end of the year, how can we recharge ourselves to make sure we are performing at our best?

Here are the 5 things I plan to do this year:

1. Practice Gratitude

Try and think of all the things in this life that don’t cost anything and you are grateful for; the smile on your daughter’s face when you arrive home from work early one day. When everything is getting crazy, the simple things in life can lift the spirit. Try writing them down in a journal or notebook. That way you can reflect on them when things are feeling tough.

2. Service to others

Do something for others. Volunteer for a cause that you are passionate about. Something like a Rosies can put things into perspective, not just for yourselves but also for the younger members of your family. To see how you can make a difference in the life of someone who is less fortunate than you will help you value all the blessings you have.

3. Plan for the new year

The old saying of failing to plan is planning to fail is certainly true. How many times have you gotten to the end of the year and not planned what was going to happen in January? Most of us are so busy just trying to get through Christmas, that January just sneaks up on us.

Before we know it, we are half way through January and we are trying to play catch up and organise the coming year. Spend the time in December and plan for the year ahead. There is nothing like going to sleep and enjoying the Christmas period knowing that the new year is under control.

4. time to Turn off

Ok, I am going to be honest here; this is the hardest one for me. But unplugging from all technology devices can be the most rewarding. For me it means putting my phone in a completely remote part of the house, so I can’t even hear it vibrate.

My plan this year is to try and go cold turkey for 5 days. For some people abstaining from alcohol for a month is a challenge, for me I think being without my phone will be even harder.

5. Live in the moment

Today it seems that we are always thinking of that next thing that we have to do over the horizon, or the next event that we need to be planning for. We can sometimes get so caught up in the future that we forget to live in the moment. This Christmas I will be making an extra effort to really live in the moment and experience every day to its fullest.

Life is a beautiful thing, and in this wonderful country of ours we have much to be grateful for and celebrate. I would love to hear what you have been inspired to do this year, and what your goals for 2017 are.

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