10 Top Tips to Stay Productive When Stretched


10 Top Tips to Stay Productive When Stretched

Over the last few weeks, I have been working on a big new project; it’s one I am excited about, most especially the outcome.

I am really looking forward to sharing it when it’s ready to launch. As with most exciting projects, there are some tasks I don’t particularly enjoy. In fact, some of the tasks I’ve felt resistance to and the temptation to procrastinate has been strong.

It has meant lots of hours working alone in my office, doing research and typing on my computer. I don’t know about you, but I’m a people person, so this is outside of my comfort area. When I’m not coaching my clients, my focus has been on this project, and my love of connecting with my network, attending luncheons and functions have been put on the back burner.

If we want to take your business to another level and live a fulfilled life, we must sometimes do things that stretch us and are outside of our comfort area. And, this can be anything from sitting alone in front of your computer for hours each day to jumping up on stage in front of a large audience, it’s different for everyone.

There needs to be a delicate balance of challenge and process to achieve any significant result in a productive and balanced way. In the last few weeks, I’ve needed to pull out all stops and used pretty much every strategy I’ve learned to support myself and stay productive.

These are my top ten productivity strategies, and as I have implemented them I have noticed that I feel more motivated to do those tasks I don’t enjoy, my productivity levels have risen, and I feel a sense of achievement each week.

1. Stay focused on your big picture.

If the task you must do doesn’t excite you, then stay focused on what does, your outcome, not the detail of what you are doing.

2. Set a goal.

Set a deadline and make it one or two weeks earlier than your official deadline, this gets you off the starting line and ready for action every day.

3. Chunk your goals down.

It’s important to chunk your main goal down into monthly, weekly and daily goals, this gives you a pathway, and you always know what to do next.

4. Concentrate on the step you are on.

Many people overwhelm themselves by thinking of all the tasks they need to do ahead instead of staying present. When you concentrate on your present step, you become more effective and feel more of a sense of calm.

5. Tick off your achievements.

As you achieve each daily goal, tick it off. Your unconscious mind loves this, you feel a sense of achievement, and this gives you more self-belief to keep moving forward.

6. Tell your friends and loved ones. 

Let the people you love know your focus will be on your work and you may not be as attentive as you normally are. Share your outcome with them. When you do this, you will find they are more understanding and become more supportive. 

7. Have a morning wellness routine. 

Starting the day with a wellness routine will keep you energised and grounded. Include gratitude, visualisation, meditation, deep breathing and exercise. I do recommend Tai Chi and Yoga and walking outdoors because this suits me.  But find an exercise that you enjoy and is good for your mind, body and spirit. Get up earlier if you tell yourself you don’t have time.

8. Work in blocks of time. 

Work on one activity at a time and block in time to do it. When you schedule in an activity for a couple of hours or half day blocks, you will find you achieve far more.

9. Take regular breaks.

Have regular 5-10 minute breaks during the day and have a lunch break. Go outdoors, breathe in fresh air and take some deep breaths. Stretch and fuel your body with healthy food. The time you take to do this will save time.

10. Make time to recharge.

Be aware of what drains your energy and what recharges you. If you recharge by being alone, with other people or being in a certain environment, then make time to do this, even if just for a couple of hours each week.

These are my top ten, of course, there are many more. One size doesn’t fit all. So, it’s a matter of making a commitment to giving them a go for a while and seeing what works for you. Flexibility and knowing yourself is key in this.

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